Cube Root Systems Architects Limited has been in the Enterprise Resource Planning software and system integration business for more than 20 years. We started as implementors of SAP R/3 in the Fortune 500 companies when SAP R/3 was still relatively new in Canada. In 1996, some of our current employees were involved in SAP’s pilots of R3 in medium sized companies. SAP’s ASAP methodology was one of the fruits of those pilot projects.The success of Cube Root Systems Architects Ltd., as reflected in its average annual sales and profit growth of more than 30%, is attributed to the technical capability of its staff, the continuing satisfaction of its clientele, and the marketing success to obtain new clients.Mr. Willy Rosales founded Cube Root Systems Architects Ltd. in 1995. From a startup company, he was able to guide Cube Root Systems Architects Ltd. to become a profitable and highly regarded Computer Systems Integrator. He is considered as a subject matter expert in the field of SAP Technical Infrastructure, Architecture and Technology. He has managed and implemented large scale and complex Computer Integration Projects. He is adept in managing people and technology and has shown extra ordinary leadership skills. Willy Rosales has more than 20 years of information technology experience ranging from presales activities, management consulting, application development and system administration to system/application consulting with the last nine years fully focused on SAP implementations. He has in-depth knowledge of Open System architecture having worked for leading Open System vendors including Hewlett Packard (Canada) Ltd.

Willy Rosales